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Private Tutoring

Like all traditional tutors, Club Xcite provides in-home academic tutoring support in specific subject areas. What makes our services so much more effective are the quality of our highly trained and educated staff, & our embedded skill building lessons, which support academic success & create a well-rounded, happy, & confident student. Research shows there are certain skills that serve as a foundation for academic success. Our customized tutoring is an effective way to strengthen these skills in order to make learning easier & more productive. Our goal is to use these additional skill building lessons as tools to maximize your student’s potential to ultimately achieve growth, happiness, & success.

Levels of Tutoring Provided

Club Xcite knows that you don’t tutor a kindergartener and a college senior in the same way. Choose an option below to learn about how tutoring is customized to the needs and skills of students of any age!

Enhanced lessons embedded within Tutoring:

In addition to our high quality tutoring service we have add-on skills to support academic success & enhance student confidence and success. These programs are added on to the tutoring sessions to enhance learning & the bigger picture of motivation, growth & success leading to thriving students.

  1. Brain Power, Executive Functioning Training: Time management, memory enhancement, organization, transitioning between activities, building attention span to stay focused, self-monitoring, flexibility, problem solving, and overall study & test taking skills.
  2. Leadership Development, Social Confidence & Emotional Intelligence : Effectively build relationships to work with others, increase confidence when interacting with peers & teachers, overcome social stresses that affect academic success, & advocate for your own academic success.
  3. Positive Future Planning, Setting and Reaching Goals: Set & reach attainable goals, take initiative, organize & prioritize, implement self-motivation strategies, deal with challenges, use positive communication to problem solve, move others to action, and adopt a plan to maintain growth & success.

Measuring success in Private Tutoring

Every tutoring program begins with a consultation with our program manger. This assessment, along with a series of goals for the next three months, is compiled in an Achievement Plan for all parties to observe & work toward. At the end of three months the tutoring Achievement Plan is revisited & adapted where needed. In addition to the Achievement Plan, tutors fill out Performance Tracking Sheets every two weeks that chronicle a student’s growth, areas needing improvement, & the subject matter covered.

Club Xcite tutors have experience in all elementary school, middle school, high school & college subjects:

  • Math Tutoring
    • Geometry Tutoring
    • Trigonometry Tutoring
    • Algebra Tutoring
    • Pre-calculus Tutoring
    • Calculus Tutoring
  • Science Tutoring
    • Biology Tutoring
    • Physics Tutoring
  • Geography Tutoring
  • Geology Tutoring
  • Language Arts Tutoring
    • English Tutoring
    • Reading Tutoring
    • Writing Tutoring
  • Test Prep
    • SAT, ACT, GED Tutoring
  • English as a Second Language Tutoring (aka ESL Tutoring)
  • French Tutoring
  • Spanish Tutoring

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