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Rancho Bernardo

Welcome to the home for Club Xcite services in for families in Rancho Bernardo! If you are looking for help for your child or teen facing academic, social, behavioral, emotional, or athletic challenges, please give us a call to discuss your needs and the programs and services we offer to address those needs.

Premiere Private Tutoring Company in Rancho Bernardo

For kids and teens in Rancho Bernardo that need academic help, our at-home private tutoring services can help get them back on track. Our tutors are young and hip and know how to engage kids and motivate them to make a positive change in their academic habits. We find that kids look forward to being with our tutors and see them as a big brother/sister and mentor as well as a tutor.

Rancho Bernardo Private TutoringMore Details on our Rancho Bernardo Private Tutoring Program

  • Tutoring subjects: Math, English, Science, Geography, Physics, SAT, ACT, and all other subjects from elementary school through high school/college prep.
  • Our tutors not only specialize in their individual subjects, but also help foster good organization habits, test-taking skills, problem-solving methods, and healthy studying habits.
  • We collaborate with the student, parents, and teachers to create an achievement plan to set realizable goals with rewards for accomplishing them.

Services for Kids and Teens with Learning Disabilities in Rancho Bernardo

For families in Rancho Bernardo who are looking for help for their kids with ADD/ADHD and other learning disabilities, ClubXcite offers many programs to support you and your child. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO:

For kids that need academic support, we offer a special tutoring program to help kids with learning disabilities overcome challenges and succeed in the classroom. Our tutors also have experience working with kids with learning disabilities, and many have learning disabilities themselves and have overcome challenges associated with learning disabilities.

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