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For families in Carlsbad that are looking to find positive support for their children to help them grow academically we encourage you to browse through our website and give us a call to discuss your needs. We work with many families in Carlsbad through our private, at-home tutoring program, our services for kids and teens with learning disabilities, social and recreational clubs, and 1 on 1 behavioral coaching.

At-Home Private Tutoring in Carlsbad

Our tutoring program takes a holistic approach to learning by focusing on the subject material, test-taking strategies, organizational methods, and problem solving strategies, and by teaching from a level comfortable to the student and in accordance with their learning style. Our tutors have experience in all elementary school, middle school, high school, and college subjects. Please see our private tutoring page for more information on our tutoring program and our unique approach to facilitating academic success for our students.

Services for Kids and Teens with ADD/ADHD and other Learning Disabilities in Carlsbad

Many of the children and young adults that we work with in Carlsbad have mild to severe learning disabilities. Club Xcite works with parents, teachers, psychiatrists, and other professionals to help craft a program to help your child succeed. Please browse through our website to see all we have to offer to help kids with learning disabilities.

Learning Disabilities Tutors

Learning Disabilities Specialists

Social and Behavioral Solutions


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