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Our Process

Your journey starts with a look at your beliefs about why your child is exhibiting challenging behaviors that are affecting their academic and social lives. If you’ve been viewing their behavior as attention seeking, manipulative, coercive, unmotivated, or limit testing, we are going to offer you a new pair of lenses.

Here at Club Xcite, we believe that kids do well if they can. In other words, if your child could do well, they would do well. Club Xcite works with children and teens that have lagging skills and unsolved problems. Our Coaching program works with students and parents to solve these problems and teach the necessary skills. Our definition of good parenting, good teaching, and good coaching is being responsive to the hand you’ve been dealt. We don’t treat every student the same and we don’t place blame on the student or on the parents. Research in the past 50 years has taught us a lot about behavior and the counterproductive and ineffective strategies that continue to be implemented in our schools and in our homes. To reduce undesired behavior, we will be working together with the child. We will be collaborating; to solve the problems setting them in motion in the first place.

Here are the steps to get started:

So, with your new lenses on – let’s prepare for a more accurate and compassionate understanding of your child’s behavior so that we may play this hand together.


  • Complete Club Xcite’s initial intake form.
  • Review information with Program Manager, Ambar Collins.
  • Schedule your free introductory meet and greet session with a potential coach.
  • Complete our Service Agreement.
  • Schedule your first session.
  • Take a deep breath and enjoy the process!

Our Coaches specialize in two separate areas: Social Skills and Executive Functioning. Often, these two sets of skills are intertwined and our Program Manager will help guide you towards the appropriate Coaching program for your child.

Once you’ve completed our Initial Intake and met with your potential Coach during our free introductory session, you are ready to complete our Service Agreement and schedule your first session. During the first session, your child’s Coach will complete an Assessment of Lagging Skills and Unsolved Problems while engaging both you and your child in a conversation that will help everyone identify specific areas to focus on. The Coach will help you with prioritizing, as there will be many unsolved problems that we wish we could solve! The most important part of the conversation is the involvement of the child. Club Xcite strives to include our student’s in every part of the process so that they do not feel their Coaching is something being done to them but rather with them.

Next, everyone will collaborate to begin to address the unsolved problems and review the five skills you identified on the service agreement. The first step will include talking with your child about their perspective on the problem. The Coach will fully understand their concerns and make observations. This is called the Empathy step. Next, your Coach will ask you to describe your concern, we like the concern to be clearly defined. This is called the Problem Definition step. Finally, your Coach will invite both you and your child to brainstorm ideas and explore solutions that are workable and mutually satisfactory. This is called the Invitation step.

During the Invitation step, the Coach will offer their guidance and support into the problem area, as this is where the idea of Coaching and practicing the new skills with your child will take place. The next nine sessions will be spent teaching, practicing, and using the new skills your child has been lagging. Each Coaching session will be 2 hours in length and can be scheduled during the week or weekend.

We are excited at the prospect of supporting you and your child with Social Skills and Executive Functioning Coaching. Our Coaches are fully trained on using Collaborative and Proactive Solutions as well as incorporating a plethora of other strategies and interventions that will be beneficial to your child.

Coaches are also required to attend Supervision sessions with our Program Director at the start and midway through sessions to collaborate for resourcing and support with the process. Coaches are cleared through FBI and DOJ background clearances and undergo DMV clearances if they are scheduled for practice community outings or school pick up.

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