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Our Approach

Many challenges students face can be overcome through practice and hard work. ClubXcite is there to provide the experience, structure and discipline to overcome challenges but also the fun, energetic environment to make practicing fun and achieve positive results. Our experienced but youthful college-aged mentors/tutors and coaches in San Diego use their refreshing spark to fuse academic, athletic and social development, build confidence in student’s weaker areas and promote their existing strengths. Because of the role that the “cool” mentor plays, they can more easily reach students on a different level than parents, therapists, and educators and coax an overall maturation.

Natural Opportunity Model

When a child or teen enters our program, our director will meet with the parents and if desired any other professionals working with the student to set up a Club Xcite Achievement Plan. This plan details information about the child or teen, his/her struggles, triggers, goals and objectives we will be working on during involvement in our programs. It will also outline a plan of action put together by our mentors or tutors who will be working directly with the student.

During our one on one mentoring or social group activities our mentors and tutors have these goals in mind when interacting with your child. Since all our programs and services are activity and interaction based, natural opportunities for teaching arise. Our mentors and tutors look for these teaching opportunities and take advantage of the natural situation to coach, teach or modify behaviors. After each session the mentors document important interactions, improvements, and challenges for each student and this data gets highlighted in our performance tracking sheets for parents to view.

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