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The Del Mar Family

Location: San Diego, CAFamily: Del Mar
In their own words:

We are the parents of an especially bright preteen boy. ADHD medications have made a big difference in our son’s life as well as our quality of life for our family. As time went by, we realized that ADHD is a complex illness that is not controlled by medications alone. We knew that our son and ourselves needed specialized strategies in learning how to live with ADHD. Both my husband and myself have graduate degrees, but quickly realized we needed outside expertise to be successful in helping him with coping with ADHD.

I had heard of Club Xcite from various sources and decided to give them a call. I was put in touch with John Folletta, the executive director, who understood my frustration in dealing with children who have ADHD. John knew at once what I needed. I was relieved..I didn’t have to explain it…John understood the issues. We were introduced to a mentor, who had special training in coaching children to successful outcomes. Our son’s mentor over the last 6 months has helped our son to develop improved focusing, prioritizing, goal setting and organizing in all areas of his life. I have seen our son’s self confidence increase, his interpersonal skills improve and a new pride in his increased academic success.

We are extremely grateful and appreciative of all the Club Xcite staff for their dedication, support and understanding of dealing with the challenges of ADHD.