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Social / Behavioral Mentoring

Getting homework done, reviewing concepts from school, exercising, and having the company of friends are all important to a student’s psyche. Students with social or behavioral challenges may have a harder time establishing and managing these responsibilities and a mentor can provide the structured and balanced approach to make after-school hours both productive and fun. Club Xcite provides Academic, Social, Behavioral, and Recreational mentoring opportunities designed to build confidence in areas of weakness.

As children and teens in San Diego grow older they learn through the experiences they have and the role models they follow. Club Xcite matches a fun, multi-talented and experienced college-aged big brother/sister to coach them on homework, organizational skills, sports and hobbies, managing emotions and peer interactions. Along the way mentors help students in San Diego build confidence in weaker areas and promote existing strengths. Throughout the mentoring friendship the mentor targets challenging areas and provides workable solutions to combat them most effectively. Club Xcite works with parents, school administrators, and therapists to create a formula tailor-made to each student. The key to our success is our one-on-one approach, 2-3 times a week, using quality mentors to fuse academic, athletic, and social development. As a student gains increased confidence in himself/herself dramatic social, academic, and athletic changes take place in school and at home.

Social and Behavioral mentoring
Many children or teens come to ClubXcite in San Diego because they struggle to make or keep friends. Others join needing to better manage impulsivity, defiant behavior, anxiety, and other struggles. It is natural for a student to seek friendships, but often a child or teen is missing the awareness of appropriate social cues and positive communication to bridge the gap with the others. When a student has difficulties making friends, gets made fun of, or is bullied, it can lead to a child or teen withdrawing socially or can lead overcompensation in other ways. Both can have an effect on the students’ self-esteem and can lead to other challenging behaviors. The social and Behavioral Mentoring program provides these children with a “big-brother / sister” advocate who is distinct from their parents, teachers, friends and other more traditional professionals involved in their life. The mentors can pick the child or teen up from school, get some homework done, play or teach the individual new sports, do recreational activities, or just hang out. Youth see our mentors as “cool” guys and girls who they are proud to hang out with. Through their time together the mentors are able to give a child or teen some perspective on their struggles and to build confidence in their abilities and promote their strengths but also be explicit about reaching goals and discuss areas requiring attention. Through our fun, natural, non-clinical approach, students have a forgiving forum to learn to better identify peer cues, manage their emotions, come to terms with anxiety, role play challenging situations, and more. With the support of our mentors, students gain increased confidence in themselves and dramatic social, academic, and athletic changes take place in school and at home.

Recreational Coaching
Having positive recreational opportunities is an important part of childhood. Many friendships are made on the sports field at school and during after school hours. In addition, being physically active can lower a child or teen’s anxiety, help them focus, make them sleep better and give them a good appetite. In addition, recreational activities give a student opportunities to build confidence and gives them a forum to have a common bond with other kids with the same interests. Our recreational mentors in San Diego are multi-talented college-aged student-athletes who have many years of coaching experience. Our mentors are able to introduce a child or teen to a variety of different sports and hobbies to find one that fits the individual’s interests. Once an activity is found the mentor will help the student further develop that interest. Current mentor specialties include swim instruction, surf and skateboard coaches, tennis, basketball, baseball, golf, drama, comedy and improv, guitar, drums, building and construction, voice lessons, snowboarding, painting, and more.

Confidence and Esteem Building
Having confidence in oneself is an integral part of a child’s or teens path to success and happiness. For youth who have had negative experiences or received negative feedback from teachers or peers due to their academic, athletic, social or emotional challenges, their confidence and self-esteem have been effected. Sometimes these students can overcompensate and get their positive feedback in other areas. But for other kids this low self confidence effects other areas in their life and they withdrawal or display their emotions through other challenging behaviors.
ClubXcite’s Confidence and Esteem Building program matches a college aged, “cool”, mentor to the student whose purpose is to build confidence in the areas of weakness and promote the individual’s strengths. If the challenges are academic, then we match the student with an academic mentor who can teach them new strategies, study skills, and organizational skills and they work towards achievable goals. Our mentors use their youthful energy, positive reinforcement and incentives to motivate the student. For athletic or social challenges, mentors can introduce a child or teen to a variety of different sports or recreational activities in San Diego to find one that the student enjoys. Once an activity or hobby is identified the mentor will help further develop those skills. Having a hobby or becoming good at a sport is a great way to build confidence and make new friends with kids with similar interests.

Inclusion Mentoring
Our Inclusion Mentoring is designed for children or teens who struggle to integrate into larger sport or social groups. Whether it be basketball practice, karate class, school recess, boy scouts, etc, the inclusion program matches your child with a mentor who can be part of said group in a natural way. Previous in San Diego mentors have served as assistant coaches, den leaders, and martial arts instructors all aimed at successfully integrating the child into group activities. During the activities the inclusion mentor helps mediate proper social interaction with other kids, advise on corrective measures, but most importantly guarantees a child’s successful experience in the group. Capitalizing on other kids’ perception of our mentors as young and “cool”, mentors are able to easily and naturally involve the child with the other students who might otherwise not have the opportunities to facilitate that interaction.

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