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The inception of Club Xcite! began in 2004 under the guise of its impassioned founder, Stefan Hochfilzer. Stefan spent his early years interested in supporting his challenged peers academically, athletically and socially. Overcoming these issues took hard work and support from mentors and role models and these experiences served as a starting block for assisting those struggling similarly.

Now after 15 years working in the field, Stefan can claim a pedigree of past experiences that thoroughly legitimizes his efforts. As both a tennis student and instructor in his teens, Stefan first discovered the merit of individualized attention complimented by group interaction. In 2002 he launched his first company, “Inspired Learning Institute, LLC,” that successfully served over 100 children through athletic mentoring. Finally, a degree from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 2003 provided him with the know-how and savvy to see that his efforts were realized.

Stefan correctly identified that schools lack the infrastructure to adapt curriculum to serve the unique interests of each child. With thirty students of various intellects and personality types, instructors are forced to teach to the mean, inevitably leaving many students on the periphery. These peripheral children, moreover, are the very students most affected by stigmatization and prone to sense of failure. It is not a matter of lacking intelligence or misbehavior, he asserted, but rather the existence of an environment poorly crafted to fit their forms of thought. Learning habits, thought processing, and study methods are particularly critical to students with learning disabilities. ADD, ADHD, bi-polar disorder, behavioral problems, and social anxiety to name just a few, manifest themselves in real, tangible ways and the resulting problems only compound the hindrance further. Reticent of this, Stefan sought to tackle issues of self esteem, confidence, and behavior that easily build upon one another and create a difficult, seemingly insurmountable climb. Stefan launched Club Xcite in 2004, a youth mentorship organization aimed at serving children in the dynamic manner that our children require.

But what sort of program would excite its participants and motivate them with an earnestness they had lacked for some time? Stefan’s response again drew upon his past. He decided that strictly academic tutoring services have finite benefits. They lack the power of persuasion, friendship, and trust so fundamental to engaging a child’s mind and precipitating a real change. The answer lay in the merging of Stefan’s own success, a fusion of academic, athletic, and social mentoring. Mentoring offered comprehensive results and a way of positively influencing maturation. The standard tug-of-war between parents and children and the tension it brings could only be alleviated by introducing non-traditional elements. Young, hip mentors the students looked up to and craved the company of, provided just the answer. They infused new energy, provided outside perspective, and could bring to the table a set of skills and traits that made them most suited to make a difference.

Given this knowledge, Club Xcite enacted a program in which each child receives customized treatment. We have structured programs that help these children build themselves back up, gain confidence in their abilities, and flourish in our one-on-one environment.

True to its vision, Club Xcite set out to employ the best youthful mentors in the industry, and client Managers undertook the task of maintaining constant correspondence with families, their mentors, teachers, and therapists. The result has been a program built on the strength of referrals from existing families, school administrators, and child psychologists. Now, with three years of success behind us, Stefan has watched Club Xcite grow into a monumental success where achievement is measured in leaps and bounds. Inspired by humble beginnings with an eye toward serving those most in need, Club Xcite can confidently boast its reputation as an incredible asset to our children.

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