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Summer Camp Opportunities in San Diego for children and teens who don’t fit into the typical camp environment.

POSTED: Thursday, April 12, 2012

“ClubXcite’s Rise Above Camp based out of Rancho Santa Fe, Solana Beach, Del Mar and La Jolla is a strength-based summer program for children with ADHD, ODD, bipolar, anxiety, depression, and other social and behavioral difficulties.”

“A summer camp should focus on what the child’s strengths are. We highlight what they do well and continue to help them succeed. Our campers often experience a high level of perceived failures at school, on the playground, and at home. It is crucial for them to succeed when they go to camp”, says Evan Kirstein, ClubXcite’s Camp Director.’ Evan adds that ‘our Campers do not view ClubXcite as a specialized Summer Camp and will probably not hear the terms learning disabilities or attention deficit disorder during their experience. Our Camp leaves the labels behind and focuses on practical strategies for dealing with the challenges. We strive to highlight the strengths and abilities of each child or teen that will launch them into a life filled with opportunity and success.’

Rise Above Camp provides activities for developing problem-solving skills; effective communication strategies; increased self-awareness and general social skills. By achieving this success at ClubXcite, each child or teen builds essential self-esteem and self-confidence that will carry through to the new school year. They offer a morning Tennis and Sports Camp and an afternoon Adventure Camp. This summer’s activities will feature plenty of opportunities to spark a child’s interest. Planned activities include Knott’s Soak City, beach day with surf instructors, hikes, tide pool exploration, bowling, etc. Most important, says club Founder and President Stefan Hochfilzer, is ClubXcite’s distinguishing characteristic of “smaller, more cohesive camps that offer kids who have challenges in large settings the opportunity to succeed and feel gratified in their accomplishments and summer camp experience.” Camps are limited to twelve kids with one mentor for every three children.

One of the most important tools Rise Above Camp uses is setting behavioral goals with parents and children. Children who struggle with learning difficulties often have trouble applying skills learned. ClubXcite’s Camp Director meets with each and every family registering for Camp. He learns which skills they are working on and how to prompt, notice, and reinforce the desired behavior. Counselors then apply these prompts during group games, at the Water Park, bowling, etc., and then monitor and reinforce the behavior with praise such as ‘ Mark, I really liked when you gave Lillian her favorite color balloon. That’s a great way to make a friend.’ ‘When you start treating a child’s behavior and the child as the same thing, it begins to have a negative effect on the child’s self esteem and confidence. How would it feel to be told ‘you’re not very nice or you’re always causing a scene and ruining it for the rest of us’? Our Counselors understand the importance of using positive terms and separating the behavior from the child, highlighting when they see a child sharing, negotiating, complimenting, and taking turns is much more effective then constantly focusing on the negative.’ explains Angela Bianco, ClubXcite’s Program Manager. She also adds ‘the more the campers practice these skills, the more likely they’ll continue to use them when school starts again in the Fall.’

For more information, please contact Evan Kirstein, [email protected] or 858 922 5920. Tennis and Sports Camp starts June 18th and runs every week until August 24th, 9am -12pm. Adventure Camp runs June 18th -22nd, June 25th – 29th, July 9 – 13th, July 16th – 20th, July 30th – August 3rd, August 6th – 10th, and August 20th – 24th, 12:30 – 4pm.

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