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Bad Grades in School? 5 strategies for parents!

POSTED: Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is your child getting bad grades in school? Is it affecting their academic confidence and self esteem?  Here are 5 strategies San Diego families can do to help their children at home.

postive future1. Evaluate your child’s Social & Emotional Intelligence

Social and emotional skills are strongly tied to academic success. When students aren’t getting along with peers, have a hard time talking to their teachers, or have a negative attitude about school, it can be very hard to want to succeed and do well. Building up a student’s confidence within the social setting and improving their emotional awareness can help them to overcome frustrations, stay calm and motivated, and feel comfortable interacting with others when they need support to succeed!  Tutoring companies like Club Xcite in San Diego can offer a FREE In-Home Social / Emotional Assessment and also provide in-home 1-1 coaching and tutoring focusing on social / emotional skill building.  Club Xcite contact: 858 779 9674 to find out more.

Executive Function2. Evaluate your child’s Executive Functioning Skills
When a student has a hard time managing time, staying organized, using flexible thinking, and regulating their attention span, school can become quite challenging. In the classroom, teachers don’t always have the time and resources to help every child in these areas. With the right support of a parent, tutor or coach who can assess and teach executive functioning skills, students can build these life long skills and incorporate them into their school and home lives! Learn more about how to build Executive Functioning skills.  Club Xcite in San Diego offers a FREE In-Home Executive Functioning Assessment. Call 858 779 9674 for more information.

3. Find out what motivates your child to succeed
While some kids love school, others don’t. To help your child be successful, it is important that they have a motivator that helps them to stay strong, dedicated, and interested in their academic success. For some students, getting an A on an assignment is enough, but others need a stronger push. Find out what makes your child excited and motivated to do well, and help them stay accountable. Create a system to earn their desired outcome when they reach their goals!  A fun engaging private tutor can help set up motivators, and can take the pressure off parents to get homework done, prepare for school and help students stay accountable.

Dreamtime child purchased4. Make learning relevant & fun!
Retaining information can be difficult when you don’t have a connection to the material. Students are much more likely to be engaged in learning and retain information when it is presented to them in a fun and engaging way! Unfortunately teachers need to teach to the mean and since all students have different learning styles and interests, teachers can’t always make learning relevant and fun for every student.  It is important that struggling students find other support systems to connect to the material.  Evaluate your child’s learning styles and interests and find out how to present the information in a relevant way.

Mentor Tutor5. Get Support! Hire an experienced tutor who can motivate your child, make learning fun, and build social, emotional, and executive functioning skills!
Start with getting an academic, social, emotional and executive functioning assessment through a local education professional like Club Xcite.  This assessment will evaluate areas of weakness and strength that are leading to academic struggles and can be used by a tutor to create a skill building program leading to success and confidence.   Confidence is built through successful reputations, and building academic confidence takes a consistent approach. Club Xcite is the leading tutoring provider in San Diego as we know how to get to the root of your child’s struggle and have many tools to support them to reach success.

For more information or to learn more about Club Xcite’s services, call or text (858)779-9674.

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