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Measuring Success

Club Xcite aims to help every student find a path to success. This starts by figuring out where you are, and where you are going. Along the way, success is measured by tracking how far you have to come, and setting new goals for the destinations ahead!

Getting Started

pictureOnce your family has completed the initial intake process, Club Xcite management, tutors and coaches will go to work. Every part of our process is planned and monitored with the best interest of the student as our highest priority. First, your student will be paired with an individually selected tutor or coach chosen for the skills and experience that most closely match your student’s needs. Our tutors and coaches make a minimum 6-month commitment to ensure consistency for their students.

Next, clinicians, instructors, or specialists involved in your student’s education or treatment may be consulted for insights in an effort to create a strong student success team for your student.

Starting on the first day, the tutor or coach will create an Achievement Plan. This plan of action outlines objectives for the following three months to meet the goals identified by parents and Club Xcite’s expert management team. Your student will be invited to participate in identifying areas where they desire to improve with their own achievement plan to foster self-motivation from the start.

ClubXcite’s Natural Opportunity Model

During one on one tutoring, or skills coaching activities, our tutors and coaches use the Achievement Plan goals to guide their interactions with your student. All our services are highly interactive; involving practical applications of a student’s learned skills leads to opportunities for teaching to come up in natural situations. Our coaches and tutors are trained to recognize these opportunities to coach, role model, or teach new concepts.

Continuous Monitoring and Progress

achievementThe happiness and success of your student are continuously assessed by Club Xcite to ensure that the Achievement Plan is optimized and its objectives are attained. The tutor or coach works under the guidance of our Program Manager and Program Director collaboratively to identify strategies, resources, and develop lesson plans each month. When possible, parents receive a verbal recap after each session. Your tutor or coach documents important interactions, improvements, and challenges for your student in performance tracking notes. Every 2 weeks your performance tracking notes will be delivered via email for your review. Notes cover activities, goals targeted, and progress made so that Club Xcite, the family, and their tutor or coach can make sure your student is on the right track.

How are we doing? We value your feedback! Parent observations, teacher’s feedback, personal milestones, and academic achievements are the ultimate measure of our shared success! Your student’s progress is monitored continuously so that goals and methods can be updated, because learning is a journey without end and every destination provides new horizons to explore!

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