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Who We Are

Club Xcite provides quality, innovative educational services for schools and families who seek personalized academic, social, emotional and behavioral solutions.

To provide families and children with positive opportunities by maximizing an individuals potential to achieve personal growth, happiness and success.


Club Xcite was founded in 2004 to help children, teens, & young adults of all skill levels to thrive by offering the personalized attention, positive reinforcement, academic skillset, & emotional intelligence that have been scientifically proven to lead to academic success & overall well-being.

Getting homework done, mastering concepts from school, participating in physical activity, & sharing the company of friends are all important to a student’s self-mage & happiness. Some students struggle in one or more of these areas, leading to increased stress in their daily lives, poor self-image, & diminishing opportunities as they get older. Club Xcite coaches and tutors understand these struggles & how to overcome them. Our services provide the structured & balanced approach to foster a growth-mindset & make after-school hours both productive & fun.

Increasingly, experts are recognizing social & emotional learning as a key to academic mastery. Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence was a landmark book that set the stage for an educational revolution. At Club Xcite we’ve incorporated the core competencies of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills & responsible decision-making into private Tutoring & skill development as well as in-school & after-school Enrichment programs that empower students of any age to maximize their potential. The simple emotional & behavioral skills instilled by our tutors, instructors & coaches go hand in hand with academic instruction to make young people into more effective learners, & happier, healthier human beings.

Club Xcite seeks to serve San Diego by filling in the gaps outside the margins of a traditional classroom. Whether students are gifted, or struggle with learning differences, executive functioning deficits, or social obstacles, Club Xcite offers a fun, natural, environment where your student can overcome their struggles, develop & polish their skills, & learn to approach school & social activities with confidence. We offer supportive services through our suite of educational and developmental programs designed to stimulate the whole student to grow & thrive. All our services have a common evidenced-base, healthy, creative, & playful approach. Through Club Xcite, students gain confidence & experience dramatic gains in social, academic, behavioral & athletic arenas in school & at home.

We know that when you finally found the missing link to success it is exciting! Our trained & experienced leadership team will assess each student’s needs to ensure you have found the right fit. Our Coaches & Tutors energize & motivate students to believe in their own unlimited success. When you meet a role model who helps to recognize and maximize your potential to thrive it is amazing how happy you feel & how eager you are to GET STARTED!


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