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The Clemmans Family

Location: San Diego, CAFamily: Clemmans
In their own words:

What programs are you involved in?

One on one Social Mentoring.

How did you know this program was the right fit for your child?

We didn’t! I heard great things about it from other families and then we just gave it a try and we are really glad we did!

What improvements have you seen in your child from being a part of ClubXcite?

Our son is more apt to do things. He gets himself out there. Our mentor, Jay, took his interests and expanded his mind and interests.  He looks to Jay as a best friend and they get along really well.

Which mentors have made a difference in your child’s life and how?

Jay has been with us for over a year now and he is just so great with every kid, especially Alex. We just love him!