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The Rancho Penasquitos Family

Location: San Diego, CAFamily: Rancho Penasquitos
In their own words:

Which Mentors have made a difference in your child’s life?

I want to write and say that I am very pleased with the mentor choice for Garrett. Benj has been fantastic! He is a great person and a really good role model for my son! My son is stubborn, he likes to be the boss. And I feel like Benj has made great progress with him in the last few months. Thank you for allowing us to continue with Benj. I hope to see more progress in the coming months so he can learn to motivate himself and do all the things he wants to do in life.

What was your initial experience getting to know our program?

The Director, Evan Kirstein, was excellent. He brought Benj into our home, sent us all of his background before the intake meeting and got it right on the first day!

How can you tell that your child is enjoying the program?

Garrett looks forward to mentoring, he’s been on top of informing me of his success! I’m glad we decide to give you a call and look into mentoring. It has been a wonderful experience!