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The Clairemont Family

Location: San Diego, CAFamily: Clairemont
In their own words:

Rachel was a child who was underachieving since she had no study skills.  She chose Maureen as her mentor and we are so delighted at the connection that they have made. Rachel is now focusing on her work both at school and at home and is getting results well beyond our expectations in a very short space of time.  With these results, it has improved her self esteem and she had become very confident in all that she does.  Her teachers (at a private school) told us that they had planned to hold her back since her grades were so low but now she is getting 100% on all of her tests.Not only has Maureen come to meet with Rachel at home, she has taken the time to meet Rachel’s teachers and even work with Rachel after school in her classroom.  We are so thankful that Maureen has become part of our lives and thank you ClubXcite for sending her to us.