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The Jones Family

Location: San Diego, CAFamily: Jones
In their own words:

Hi Club Xcite Team,

I wanted to send you a note to give you my deepest thanks for having M participate in your camp. When I picked him up, he told me “The amount of fun I had was unexplainable”. From a kid who has NEVER enjoyed a week at camp that, alone, melted my heart. I debated on whether or not to tell him that some of the kids and counselors had ADHD like him, but when he spoke so highly of everyone, I thought it would be good opportunity for him to understand that he is not the only kid to have ever dealt with it. His eyes LIT up and he said “Are you serious? No wonder they were all so fun!” When we got home, he gave me a hug and thanked me for signing him up for the camp and said something that was the greatest gift your camp could have given him… He said “I’ve never been around so many people who understood me” My deepest thanks to you and your team! We will definitely see you next summer! Jones Family