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Staff Profiles

Name: Rachael C.
Location: San Diego, CA
Title: Tutor/Social Skills & Executive Functioning Coach

I’ve lived in a variety of places, including Colorado, southern Arizona, and Alaska. Right now I’m working toward becoming a clinical mental health counselor. About a year ago I moved here from Flagstaff, Arizona to this city that feels like a perpetual vacation. Honestly, I enjoy working with kids and adolescents because I feel like we have so much in common. Watching cartoons? Oh yeah. Playing games? Definitely. Building forts? How I wish I could do that now and it still be socially acceptable.
Education: I graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2013, and am now attending my first year at the University of San Diego in order to obtain my Master’s degree in Counseling with a Specialization in Clinical Mental Health. If a Master’s degree does not satisfy my itch for learning, I might consider returning to school to obtain a Ph.D. in something psychology or philosophy related.
Experience: I have worked with children and teens with a variety of needs and backgrounds throughout my employment in the mental health system. I have worked at a community outpatient mental health center for children age 6-21 and their families, and provided them with case management services (including educational support in the schools involving IEP's and 504 plans), skills training (social, coping, and independent living skills), and home care training services. The children/teens that I have worked with have experienced mental health/academic challenges such as learning disabilities, anxiety disorders, mood disorders, low to high functioning autism, oppositional defiance, and other challenges. I have also worked for a non-profit organization that provides services to families and children that have been repeatedly hospitalized for psychiatric and mental health concerns.
Hobbies & Skills: In my personal time, I greatly enjoy hiking and spending time in nature whenever possible, as I find the experience greatly rejuvenating and invigorating. I enjoy drawing and painting, and believe art to be one of the greatest and most positive forms of human expression. I enthusiastically talk about philosophy with friends, especially involving ethics, art, epistemology, and continental philosophy. I also enjoy watching anime (Japanese cartoons) and immersing myself in Japanese culture. You might say that it is more of a way of life than merely a hobby.
Why ClubXcite? I have an innate excitement and enthusiasm for working with children and teens to help them become happier and healthier, and Club Xcite shares that philosophy. Club Xcite expresses such a positive, supportive outlook on how to help students become successful in numerous areas of their lives. Club Xcite focuses not only a child's academic success, but also on all of the other facets of a child's that heavily impact a child's personal success.