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Staff Profiles

Name: Mitra P.
Location: San Diego, CA
Title: Assistant Director

I believe that children are the future and I am eager to be part of that journey. By maintaining an optimistic outlook even in difficult times, setting and achieving goals, and having fun I believe that children can teach us just as much as we teach them. During my time at Club Xcite, I've assisted in continuing to create quality relationships between employees and students through various activities specific to each client, making the learning process fun and interactive.
Education: I have my bachelors degree in Linguistics and Cognition from the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). I graduated from Crescenta Valley High School in La Crescenta, CA, with experience in American Sign Language and all aspects of the performing arts. I have current certifications in CPR/First Aid as well as a valid TB test. I am a certified Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming, Mental and Emotional Release® Therapy, and Hypnotherapy.
Experience: Several years ago, I began teaching children of all ages how to swim. My responsibility as a Water Safety Instructor involves creating a safe environment, maintaining a positive and enthusiastic class, and constructing a curriculum. Through my experience, I was able to apply patience and positive reinforcement when I started to tutor and coach. I interned with Reading STARS (Sensory Training Approach to Reading and Spelling - an enrichment program that makes reading fun and educational for children, ranging in language development, and becoming phonetically aware) and began working with children in a classroom setting. Through my experiences, I continue to apply what I have learned with Club Xcite through building curriculum, policies and procedures, and quality assurance in the enrichment department curriculum. I continue to learn and grow as a social, emotional behavioral coach and have found myself supporting clients in the school setting while build these essential social skills. I have been running the Mindful Adventures programs for several years and continue to enjoy incorporating mental, emotional and physical wellness into the curriculum as it relates to clients goals in the social setting. I am always thrilled to coach with families on how to implement social and executive functioning skills in home to ensure the well rounded support of my clients as well as collaborating with my clients other professionals and educators to create a well rounded support system. I love supporting the Club Xcite staff with behavior management, classroom management, and coaching on self-regulation strategies for themselves.
Hobbies & Skills: I have a love for the arts, both performing and visual. I find that learning is enhanced through creativity. It was through my high school theater program where I overcame my own struggle of reading and social anxieties. I continue to support the arts by attending various art exhibits and theater productions in many communities. I love expressing myself through movement like dance, yoga or acroyoga. Some of my other passions are hiking, acroyoga, going to the beach, learning new self-regulation tools, American Sign Language, and exploring the many food places in and around San Diego.
Why ClubXcite? I have always found myself working with kids and when I heard about this program through a colleague at UCSD, she explained to me the company's values of cherishing and enhancing student's creativity through a positive atmosphere enlightened me. I realized I wanted to be a part of Club Xcite and to this day my passion is continually expressed while working with my team, clients, and enriching through various programs. My highest intention is the support students development and passion is what motivates me to show up each day.