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Staff Profiles

Name: Jocelyn B.
Location: San Diego, CA
Title: Program Director

Jocelyn is the Program Director of Club Xcite. Growing up, Jocelyn had a younger brother that was challenged both socially and academically due to Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD. She had a passion for helping him and continued on to tutor others on the Autism Spectrum, which inspired her to develop her career around providing creative solutions for those who are challenged by social, cognitive, and academic factors.
Education: Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, she moved to San Diego to pursue a degree in Cognitive Linguistics at University of California, San Diego and loved San Diego so much that she stayed. She is currently working on earning her Master's Degree in Education so she can further learn how to revolutionize systems for teaching and learning.
Experience: In high school, Jocelyn worked for the Long Beach Unified School district as an after school math tutor for students who were falling behind in Algebra, Geometry, Trig, and Calculus. Many of the students she worked with faced challenges with ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, English as a second language, and more. While attending college, Jocelyn applied her knowledge and experiences working with Club Xcite as a mentor, tutor, enrichment instructor, and camp counselor. She also worked for our sister company, Xcite Steps, doing Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Jocelyn also followed her passion for American Sign Language and worked as a Research Assistant in the Mayberry Lab for Multimodal Language Development while she attended UCSD. After she graduated, Jocelyn became the Enrichment Program Manager for Club Xcite where she has used her skills and passions to create new programs designed to encompass all types of students and cater to their needs. She worked to develop some of the first afterschool programs to teach skills related to Social & Emotional Learning. In 2015, Jocelyn became the Director of Club Xcite and now helps families find their own personalized educational solution on a daily basis.
Hobbies & Skills: Other than her passion for working with kids, Jocelyn also loves doing yoga, rock climbing, knitting, singing, and learning more about American Sign Language. She is also a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, and is training her puppy Stella to be a therapy dog to help kids develop with support in the social environment.
Why ClubXcite? Jocelyn loves being a part of Club Xcite because she strongly believes in their core values and embodies them as her own. To her, Club Xcite is unique in that every child receives personalized, hands-on attention and encouragement to reach their academic, social, and emotional goals. She is happy to be a part of such a wonderful effort to empower and enrich young minds.