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Staff Profiles

Name: Jessica H.
Location: San Diego, CA
Title: Program Supervisor

Jessica is the Program Supervisor for Club Xcite’s 1 on 1 tutoring and coaching programs. Having grown up with 4 brothers and no sisters, Jessica has always enjoyed taking on challenges. Jessica grew up just outside of Boston Massachusetts, where she inevitably went to school, and thoroughly enjoyed her New England upbringing. In 2012 Jessica moved from the Boston Area to Denver, Colorado, all in the name of love. After spending 2 years in Denver, Jessica moved to San Diego after getting married in the Summer of 2014. Jessica has always had a passion for education and has been able to continue with her work no matter where she has lived. However, Jessica has come to love San Diego and plans to be here for a bit.
Education: Born and raised just outside of Boston, Jessica attended Emerson College in Downtown Boston, for her undergraduate program where she attained a Bachelor of the Arts in Theatre Education with a minor in psychology. After completing this degree, Jessica immediately began pursuing her next degree, which she attained from Lesley University, located just across the Charles River in Cambridge. Jessica attained her Masters in Education for Special Education in Spring of 2011. In the future, Jessica hopes to one day work towards an advanced degree.
Experience: Jessica’s first teaching experience occured while she was still in High School and participated in her school’s Student Teacher Intern Program. From there she held an internship with Boston’s Huntington Theatre Company for 5 years where she worked with Boston youth in developing theatrical skills. While Jessica was working towards both of her degrees, she spent 6 years working with a Non-Profit organization, Advocates Inc., supporting individuals receiving mental health services. Since earning her degrees in education, Jessica has taught in a variety of settings and subjects. She has served as a Special Education Teacher for middle and high school students, an in home tutor for students of all ages, as well as teaching both Math and Language Arts topics. Jessica’s diverse background in teaching, both in content and location, has allowed her to increase her knowledge to support a variety of learners in a variety of settings.
Hobbies & Skills: When not teaching or tutoring, Jessica loves to read, especially young adult novels and series, a guilty pleasure of hers. In addition to reading, Jessica enjoys taking long walks with her dog (Senior ChiChi) and experimenting with art in different mediums. Additionally, Jessica loves trying new restaurants with her husband in and around the San Diego area, as she is a big fan of food.
Why ClubXcite? Jessica is excited to be joining the Club Xcite team, as she finds their Mission and Values align with hers. For her, Jessica finds that Club Xcite offers unique services that meet a student where they are at and working from there.