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Staff Profiles

Name: Geneva L.
Title: Tutor/Coach

I was raised in Honolulu, HI for ten years and am currently at UCSD. I chose Club Xcite because it allows me to tutor others which I think is a fulfilling opportunity to help education amongst the youth.
Education: I am currently finishing my education at UCSD with a degree in Biology. I would like to continue onto graduate school for medicine or neuroscience.
Experience: I have been a volunteer tutor since 9th grade helping others with math and English. I enjoy working with kids and with the youth to help further their experiences in school. I started tutoring because I wanted to make learning accessible. I think what’s interesting about students is that they don’t know what they don’t know but yet are still able to problem solve to reach an end goal.
Hobbies & Skills: I enjoy being outdoors – around the water or nature. I split my time between working at a neuroscience lab and volunteering for organizations I am passionate about. I also genuinely love reading, one of the easiest hobbies to get into.
Why ClubXcite? I have also struggled with my studies at one point due to lack of focus, anxiety, or lack of understanding. It takes a team in order for one to truly enjoy learning and I chose ClubXcite because it makes learning truly accessible to others. It could be academics or social experiences, but I want my peers and youth to be able to enjoy learning and to be constantly questioning.