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Staff Profiles

Name: Chase C.
Location: San Diego, CA
Title: Program Manager for 1-1 Tutoring, Coaching & Therapy

Chase Cummins is the Program Manager of our One-on-One Program for Academic Coaching, Executive Functioning Coaching, and Therapeutic and Counseling Services. He enjoys working with students because every student has just as much to offer us as we do to them. Students serve as constant mirrors for us all to be our best selves. One of Chase’s personal goals is to provide as many people as possible with the tools and strategies needed to work towards achieving their best life. What better way to do that than providing students and their family members the tools to help themselves to then be able to helps those around them thrive?
Education: Chase is originally from Fairfield, CA and moved to San Diego to attend UC San Diego where he received his B.S. in Cognitive Science with a Specialization in Neuroscience and a Minor in French Literature. Since joining the Xcite Team, Chase continued his studies to become a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming which helps him better support those he works with to release limiting beliefs and craft a more compelling future. Before working at Club Xcite, Chase was planning to go to Medical School to become a Neurosurgeon. After working alongside such an amazing team and supporting students with extreme behavioral challenges he has decided to shift careers and will be working towards receiving his Doctorate in Psychology by 2025-2027.
Experience: While growing up, Chase tutored various students with academic challenges through middle and high school and continued to serve as a tutor and leadership mentor throughout college to typically developed students as well as students with ADHD, ASD, anxiety, etc. Having worked with over 2000 students since 2005, Chase works as a Case Manager, in addition to being the Program Manager, to support students, families, and Xcite Staff in these areas: Executive Functioning Coaching (motivation, task initiation, planning, organization, time management, metacognition, self-regulation, flexible thinking, and effective communication), anxiety and stress management, motivation, parent coaching, goal-setting, leadership development, mindfulness, and cultivating happiness. He uses his skill set to support students and parents in 1-1 and group settings to reach their individual goals.
Hobbies & Skills: In Chase’s personal time he is a fan of going to the beach, trying new restaurants, spending quality time with friends and family, painting with acrylics, cooking, and staying healthy by going to the gym or outdoor sports like swimming, hiking, and running. Traveling is also a passion of his and he hopes to make it back to Europe to learn more about the culture and to fine-tune his ability to speak French.
Why ClubXcite? Chase began working at Club Xcite in 2015 and continues to be a part of the Club Xcite Team because the Company and its employees all have similar values in wanting what is best for students and their families. Club Xcite offers a high quality services that is dedicated towards catering to the unique needs of families and individualizing specific services to best support the entire Family as a unit for on-going and long-lasting change.