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Staff Profiles

Name: Marissa H.
Title: Academic Tutor & Social Skills Coach

At the age of seventeen, I took a babysitting job that unbeknownst to me would change not only my career pathway but also provide me the opportunity of figuring out a great gift that I was given. The child I ended up mentoring for about six years was a non-verbal, behavioral child on the autism spectrum. The mystery behind this disorder intrigued me and I became enthralled with educating myself on teaching techniques, behavioral supports, alternative communication methods, etc. designed to aid children with disabilities; primarily autism. My passion lies in the challenges of trial & error and thinking outside of the box in order to successfully identify the best way to help each individual make positive progress, as well as make a genuine connection with them; as it can vary so drastically from person to person. I have spent the past nine years on the east coast working with individuals in their home, school and extracurricular settings who have an array of disabilities, and am now eager to begin the same on the west coast!
Education: I went to High Point University in North Carolina to obtain my undergraduate degree in special education grades k-12, & am dually certified in regular education grades k-6 as well. I then successfully completed master’s classes to receive my autism certification. However, I love continuing to learn and hope to soon go back & earn my degree in adaptive physical education!
Experience: I worked at a consortium school serving students with various disabilities, primarily autism for about 4 years as a para-professional and a little over 3 years as a teacher. During that time, I taught elementary, middle and high school aged students functional academics, social skills and daily living skills. I have ample training and experience from those years in applied behavior analysis, positive reinforcement, picture exchange communication systems, and other various methodologies to assist individuals who have academic, social and/or behavioral challenges. I was also a board game night facilitator for Autism Delaware, where teens on the autism spectrum came one Friday night each month to play board games, work on socialization, expected behaviors, and have fun! I have experience coaching middle school cheerleading as well, which also greatly contributed to my repertoire of coaching skills. I am a very dedicated & determined individual who enjoys building connections with youth and witnessing their progress!
Hobbies & Skills: I currently work part-time at a local gym and am enjoying learning more about health & fitness, building rapports with the members & doing what I can to help them meet their goals. In addition, I enjoy traveling, being active outdoors (i.e. kayaking, biking, camping, etc.), photography, arts & crafts, volunteering, going to the beach, working out, spending time with friends & family, helping others, reading, meeting new people, etc. I hope to soon join some non-profit organizations in San Diego and begin volunteering again as well!
Why ClubXcite? I have great respect for the passion and desire to help individuals with social, behavioral, developmental, etc. challenges that the members of Club Xcite have; as that is where my heart lies as well. I wish to assist & encourage the population that Club Xcite works with to overcome challenges, make progress & become more confident!  I am eager to help make a different in individuals’ lives through my creative thinking, positive approach and strong work ethic!