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SAT & College Preparation

Preparing for college takes many years. Club Xcite’s San Diego private college counselors help your child become aware of their options for college, find the best fit for his/her needs, and motivate and support them to reach that goal.  San Diego Tutors provide SAT and ACT tutoring, College Essay Writing and application support.

For Teens from 7th – 9th grade our counselors can help motivate and prepare a child for High School, make sure he/she is taking the right classes and start the mental process of thinking about and preparing for which colleges are achievable and setting the right goals and standards to reach them. Our coaches will help the teen make the right choices and take the right classes while in high school that align with the teen’s goals. We would recommend one meeting every 2 – 3 months.

For Teens from 10th – 12th grade our counselors in San Diego can more extensively help map out proper college choices, make sure applications are done correctly, help decide where to apply to, and motivate to continue to reach those set goals. We recommend one meeting every month and more intensive sessions during the application process.

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