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Classroom Mentoring Aide

What happens when a child with learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD, behavioral challenges or a developmental disability such as Asperger’s starts showing signs of social, academic or behavioral struggles in the classroom?

classroomToo often children with learning disabilities or behavioral challenges get kicked out of preschools, or private schools, or parents have to go through a difficult process to get special services or support from the public school system. And the struggles these children have aren’t just academic or in the classroom. There are many social and behavioral challenges that children with learning disabilities or autism face during recess such as bullying or social isolation.

Many parents have, or will be, faced with this exact challenge.

We have good news: Children with these challenges can be successful if they receive personalized attention and one on one support.

Teachers in a typical San Diego classroom with 15-30 children don’t have the time to provide this specialized attention. Many of these challenges start in preschool and kindergarten.

In response to parent and teacher requests, ClubXcite has introduced a “Classroom Mentor / Aide” service in San Diego for children who are showing signs of social, behavioral or academic struggles. A “Classroom Aide” or “Shadow” is a one on one social and academic coach who supports the child for 2-3 hours each day in the classroom. He/she will sit with your child and help support the child to be successful in the classroom. When the mentor arrives, typically an hour before recess, he/she gives your child a boost, support to stay focused, and helps them have positive social experiences during recess and transition back to the classroom afterwards.

classroom pictureMany children with learning or behavioral challenges develop anxieties from negative experiences they have in school and social settings. ClubXcite San Diego mentors are there to make your child’s day more successful and enjoyable and help him build confidence in his abilities and support him through his struggles. Also mentors are there to bridge the gap with other kids. It can be very hard for a child with impulsive, hyperactive, or socially challenging behaviors to engage in appropriate play with other kids. Club Xcite mentors are seen as “fun and cool” big brother/sister type role models by the kids. It is easy for mentors to engage kids in play and role model appropriate social behaviors to the child they are supporting. Their youthful energy and experiences allow them to facilitate positive interaction between the children.

Student Success Support Team

ClubXcite classroom aides or shadows in San Diego work hand in hand with the teacher, and any other professional your child and family are working with. For instance: if a child is being supported by a speech, behavioral or occupational therapist, the mentor can help implement some of the strategies learned in the classroom. Consider us part of your team!

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