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Students thrive when they are taught academic content alongside crucial executive functioning skills. This approach ensures all students receive the necessary foundational skills for long term academic success, regardless of age, academic level, or learning style.  Solutions can be applied in the following ways:


Club Xcite Tutors can support students in all academic areas by catering to their current skill levels, existing content knowledge, and preferred learning styles. We aim to meet students where they are in the learning process, and teach them the tools to become independent learners. We offer private tutoring for Pre-K – Elementary aged students as well as teens in Middle & High School and young adults in college.


Executive Functioning skills are the foundation for academic success. Our coaches teach students personalized skills and strategies to maximize their learning potential as they make their way through academic content.

  • Attention & Focus
  • Managing Impulsivity
  • Time Management
  • Planning & Organization
  • Memory and Retention
  • Goal Setting
  • Managing Anxiety
  • Problem Solving
  • Study Skills
  • Test Taking Skills
  • Motivation Strategies
  • Decision Making


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