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Tiny Tinkers

The perfect choice for our future Engineers! The Tiny Tinkers program is a unique, creative, and technical class for students in Preschool that are interested in hands on learning and building. Our instructors will guide students through each project, encouraging creative thinking, group work, and discussions. Unique to this class is a 5 to 1, student to instructor ratio, which offers a small group environment with lots of personalized attention. There will be a variety of projects throughout the session including:

  • Lego Challenge Day
  • Bridge Design & Experiment (2 Days)
  • Model Wood Kits
  • Rocket Creations (2 Days)
  • Rattle Snake Prank Kit
  • Catapult Design & Building

Each project will be tailored to the skill level and interests of the students enrolled. They will also be able to take many projects and prizes home!

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