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Adulting: Setting + Reaching Goals

Adulting: Setting & Reaching Goals (3rd-5th, 6th-8th & 9th-12th)

Instructor Ratio: 6-1

Learning how to set attainable goals and celebrate steps toward reaching those goals are fundamental skills to becoming an accomplished, proud, and confident student. Club Xcite’s Positive Future Planning program is a interactive and fun skill-development class using engaging projects and activities to teach students at an early age how to set and reach positive and attainable goals which will ultimately lead to future success. These skills will strengthen their ability to tackle challenges they may face as their academic pressures and workloads become greater.

Through hands-on games, critical thinking puzzles, and group tasks, our Positive Future instructors will work with students in a natural learning environment to teach students successful strategies and provide them with tools that they can use at school and in their daily life to lay the foundation for a positive and successful academic future. This class provides a 8:1 student-teacher ratio for individualized support. Concepts covered in this class include:


  • Setting Attainable & Reasonable Goals
  • Creating the Plan of Action

  • Positive & Effective Communication

  • Self-Motivation Strategies

  • Problem Solving

  • Handling Obstacles

  • Measuring & Maintaining Success

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