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Mindful Adventures Jr Counselor Program

Teen Junior Counselor Training Program

Join us for some Mindful Adventure Camp! Our skill-building camps provide a unique personalized approach with a 3 to 1, camper to staff ratio. Club Xcite is known for creating an environment for children to feel successful while learning and practicing social, emotional, and executive functioning related skills.

All of our staff have been trained as Skill-Building Coaches and will have specific goals they will be working on with each individual camper. Areas of focus may include positive peer interactions, communication skills, transitions, problem solving, decision making, self-regulation, boundaries, and time management. Each day of camp, we will address a new set of skills in the morning, then provide fun and engaging natural opportunities for practice out in the social environment.

Our Jr. Counselor program is designed for teens ages 14-18 to not only build the same social, emotional, and executive skills, but also have opportunities to practice leadership and job-related skills. The program offers the opportunity to interview, hire, train, and provide on-site coaching for the individuals participating in this program. Throughout this program, the teens will get real life job experience and be provided with responsibilities and receive feedback on their performance. Teens will join our staff as well as students during Mindful Adventures Summer Camp. Teens benefit from the increased self-esteem and confidence that comes with having a job. Simultaneously, they are in a nurturing environment where Club Xcite Staff members can support them in doing their best, following their job description and making a difference in another child’s life. Jr. Counselors can receive community service hours or a gift card at the completion of the program.

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