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Creative Builders (STEM) II

Creative Builders STEM II

Similar to other Creative Builders classes, Creative Builders STEM II is a brand new unique, creative, and hands-on technical class for children of any 
skill level who are interested in going more in depth on STEM concepts. This class offers students opportunities to enhance skills in building & creating, performing experiments, 
engineering, and more. There will be a variety of
 challenging projects throughout the program including:

  • Rocket Creation and Launching
  • Sounds and Vibrations
  • Astronomy Day
  • K’nex Building Challenge
  • Mousetrap Car and Racer
  • Bubble Snake Creation

Haven’t taken a Creative Builders class before? No problem! Each project will be tailored to the skill level and interests of the students enrolled. Students will come home with new projects and knowledge to share throughout the program!

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