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Creative Builders 2

picCreative Builders II (K-4th)

Design, Build and Play! Creative Builders II is a unique, creative, and hands-on technical class for children of any skill level who are interested in building, creating and engineering. Our Instructors will guide students through each project, encouraging creative thinking while developing technical fine motor skills. Unique to this class is a 5 to 1, student to instructor ratio. This offers a small group environment with lots of personalized attention. There will be a variety of challenging projects throughout the program including:

  • Stomp Rockets (2 days)
  • Catapult Design / Building
  • Model Wood Kit
  • Rattle Snake Prank kit
  • Toothpick structure challenge
  • Car Launcher Building (2 days)
  • Building Challenge Day

Haven’t taken Creative Builders I? No problem! Each project will be tailored to the skill level and interests of the students enrolled. Our creative builders really enjoy taking many of their projects and prizes home each class!

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