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Brain Power: Executive Functioning

Brain Power! (K-2nd, 3rd-6th, 7-8th & 9th-12th)

Instructor Ratio: 6-1

Brain Power! is a fun, interactive, and activity-based class that utilizes engaging projects and brain-workout games. Students will have a blast learning about executive functions while they understand and practice how their brain uses these skills to think critically, stay organized, manage time and obstacles, and maintain focus and attention in their everyday lives. Executive functioning skills are the basis for planning, organizing, and following through with all tasks, assignments, and problems inside and out of school. Strengthening executive functioning skills will certainly make students’ lives much easier and prepare them for future academic success! This class has a 6:1 ratio, which enables every child to maximize their learning experience.

Each class will focus on a different skill and use brain-workout games and challenges to explore the following executive functions:

  • Time Management
  • Working Memory
  • Task Initiation/Switching
  • Problem Solving
  • Focus & Attention
  • Flexible thinking
  • Quick Decision Making
  • Organization & Planning
  • Motivation & Accountability
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