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PreK-Elementary Tutoring

Whether a parent is noticing potential academic challenges as early as Preschool or if parents want to get ahead and invest in their child’s academic foundational skills early on, Club Xcite’s Elementary tutoring plan is tailored to the child’s learning and developmental stage. Early learners gain practice through hands on activities & games that build foundational academic skills such as number sequence practice or letter writing practice, which lead to success in math, reading, & writing. Taking turns and following rules are examples of skill development that supports both academic & social success. Older children benefit from more advanced subject tutoring & advanced skills development in memory, attention & problem solving.

Your child will thrive through our mix of directive behavior management & exploratory learning, which engages children’s natural enthusiasm & imagination with simple examples & opportunities to learn through games & creative play activities as well as providing positive reinforcement for success. Visual cues & encouragement to experiment serve to engage attention & promote focus.

Club Xcite tutors demonstrate & reward behavior that creates a positive learning environment & reinforces academic achievement & social success, creating a foundation for lifelong success.

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