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Positive Future Coaching

Too often in school assignments and after school homework focuses only on building knowledge and increasing academic skills. These skills are widely accepted to lead to opportunity and success throughout our lives.

Don't be left behind!

Don’t be left behind!

But neglecting children’s emotional intelligence may rob them of the opportunity to grow into strong, confident, independent leaders and resourceful and creative problem-solvers, in and out of the classroom. 

Club Xcite developed Positive Future Coaching in response to the need for students to learn the valuable ‘soft’ skills that lead to happiness, fulfillment, and success in every stage of our lives. Your student will learn to visualize the future outcomes that they desire, and to plan and execute specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely (SMART) plans to achieve their goals. Life-skills taught by our enthusiastic and inspiring coaches include planning:


  • How to set and reach attainable goals
  • How to take initiative on those goals
  • How to organize and prioritize students tasks
  • How to implement self-motivation strategies
  • How to build self awareness and confidence
  • How to collaborate and make agreements with others
  • How to deal with challenges when things don’t go as planned
  • How to use positive communication to solve problems
  • How to move others to action through leadership
  • How to build positive relationships
  • How to reach and maintain growth & success
  • How to create and maintain life balance

These Positive Future Planning skills are critical to becoming an independent and self-motivated student, who can handle the demanding academic, social and emotional challenges of not only high school and college but also the professional world.

time is nowThrough our personalized one-on-one approach, Club Xcite’s experienced skills coaches will help students learn and thrive in a natural learning environment. The coach will teach skills through various hands-on activities such as games, critical thinking exercises, and group work, as well as provide strategies and tools so that students can allow these skills to flow into all areas of their life and ultimately build successful futures!

This program is an enhancement service that can be added on to our one on one in-home tutoring program or through our after school enrichment programs.

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