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tutoring 1When teens confront difficult material, some give up because the possibility of failure prevents them from trying. Some struggle to connect with teachers who fail to make class interesting and relevant. Others simply are distracted by the challenging social and emotional life of being a teen, and fail to see how the material covered in class is as important. Whatever the reason, once your teen has fallen behind, it can feel almost impossible to catch up!

Club Xcite is different because unlike other tutors, your student won’t be bored by the same approach that they get in school: dry lectures about topics that may seem irrelevant to a teenager’s mind. We use a truly collaborative and interactive approach to learning & skill development.

Tutors may provide homework help, edit papers, demonstrate effective methods for studying, share note-taking tips, explain complex topics, assist in organization and planning, provide tips on public speaking and presenting, or provide other subject-specific help. Goal setting is focused & realistic within a flexible & supportive learning environment that encourages personal growth in the skills that enhance academic achievement and intrinsic motivation.

Your Club Xcite tutor acts as a role model & builds on previous learning through logical examples that relate to life experience & create connections to personally relevant goals. With teens, authenticity & consistency lead to a collaborative problem-solving approach. Using real life examples, your tutor will help to connect your teen’s academic & social behavior to consequences & rewards in & out of the classroom. In every session, academic skills, and study skills are enhanced via forging a stronger personal investment in achievement.

By giving your teen the tools to succeed, your tutor is restoring their confidence. Once your teen accepts that they have the ability and motivation to do well in class, the change is often dramatic! Your tutor will work hard to make sure that your teen’s success is not limited to their current classes, but that they are developing skills that will carry them through college.

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