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Homeschool Support Services

Club Xcite, based in San Diego, also provides supportive services for families who homeschool their children.

  1. Private in-home Homeschool teaching program: Designed to utilize a student’s existing homeschool curriculum to teach any content and offer additional support.
  2. Small Group Teaching: Parents can organize 2-4 kids and a Club Xcite Teacher or Tutor can teach any subject to emphasize skills needed to learn in a collaborative environment. (Group organizers receive a 50% discount.)
  3. Small Group Enrichment Classes: Club Xcite offers a variety of enrichment classes to public and private schools and we can offer these same educational classes for homeschool groups. Parents can organize a 6 or 8 week session with 4 – 12 kids. (Group Organizers receive a 50% discount).

Learn more about our 21st century teaching model.

Our San Diego homeschool teachers have a wide variety of experience including backgrounds in education, teaching students with ADHD and other learning difficulties, ABA, Social Emotional Learning, and more.

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