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Homeschool Support Services

home_school_logoMore and more parents are opting for homeschool programs in San Diego instead of traditional schools for their children. Home schooling has many benefits for students and parents are able to closely monitor academic pace, level, and content.

While homeschooling offers an effective alternative to the traditional educational setting, parents become tasked with having to teach a very wide variety of subjects, some of which they may not feel fully comfortable teaching. Parents also need to find ways to enhance education with appropriate enrichment activities that support learning and that build in the crucial social interaction component to their child’s personalized learning program.

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Club Xcite, based in San Diego, has a variety of supportive services for families who homeschool their children.

  1. Private in-home Homeschool teaching program: Designed to utilize a student’s existing homeschool curriculum to teach any content and offer additional support.
  2. Small Group Teaching: Parents can organize 2-4 kids and a Club Xcite Teacher or Tutor can teach any subject to emphasize skills needed to learn in a collaborative environment. (Group organizers receive a 50% discount.)
  3. Small Group Enrichment Classes: Club Xcite offers a variety of enrichment classes to public and private schools and we can offer these same educational classes for homeschool groups. Parents can organize a 6 or 8 week session with 4 – 12 kids. (Group Organizers receive a 50% discount).

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Our San Diego homeschool teachers have a wide variety of experience including backgrounds in education, teaching students with ADHD and other learning difficulties, ABA, Social Emotional Learning, and more.

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