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What is Executive Functioning

What is executive functioning? Does this sound familiar?

Jack did well in school until he got to fourth grade, then his grades started dropping and he couldn’t keep up with his workload. Jack got frustrated, and his self-esteem was sinking. Jack was referred for testing for special education, but he scored well on the assessments. What was wrong? Jack’s difficulties in school stemmed from executive function (EF) weaknesses. Jack is not alone.

While children who have learning disabilities, autism, ADHD, traumatic brain injury, and conduct disorders often have difficulties with EF, more children without disabilities are exhibiting EF problems as well.

Executive functions are higher-order cognitive processes that enable one to plan, initiate, program, sequence, and maintain goal-directed behavior. These processes allow one to monitor ongoing behavior in order to modify actions to meet task demands, or to inhibit inappropriate behavior. Executive skills are critical for success in the later grades and problems in this area become more noticeable as more independence is expected of the student. Executive difficulties tend to worsen over time without specific intervention.

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