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Our Programs

We know all students learn in unique ways and can achieve their highest potential with individualized support. All of the services we provide share a common goal of supporting social, emotional and executive functioning skills as a way to cultivate confidence and independence in our students.

  • Social and Behavioral Coaching –1-1 or in small groups, coaches support students in building awareness around the metacognitive processes that underlie their struggles with lagging skills such as decision-making, flexible thinking, self-regulation, and frustration tolerance. Practicing these behavioral strategies in engaging ways helps students reach their fullest potential in all environments.
  • School Enrichment Programs – Club Xcite offers a variety of innovative after school & summer enrichment and skill-building programs in San Diego for public and private schools. Our goal is to expose our students to enriching educational opportunities and practical knowledge in a fun, energetic, and nurturing environment through hands-on project based learning.
  • Camps and Groups – One of our favorite ways to generalize success is through real-world learning! Our weekend groups and summer camps provide students with opportunities to learn and apply new social and emotional skills in fun and engaging outings with experienced social + executive functioning coaches.

Our leadership team ensures every student finds the right fit. For every age, every subject, and every challenge, Club Xcite offers a unique solution.

With Club Xcite, you have made a plan for success and you will take the next step with confidence. Let’s GET STARTED!

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