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Summer Social Skills Program

POSTED: Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Why should my child attend Club Xcite’s 6 week Summer Program?

If your child is having social and emotional learning challenges, we can support them with discovering and practicing social skills in a fun, supportive, and strengths based space.


  • Communication – Engaging role plays and story telling that use all five senses to teach and role model verbal and non verbal communication.
  • Frustration Tolerance – Practical tools for your child to learn the warning signs of frustration as well as strategies to “cool down”.
  • Emotional Expression – Learning new words and actions to express their everyday emotions. Emotional regulation is connected to language, so watch them expand their vocabulary and regulate their behavior in new ways.
  • Problem Solving – Team building games and activities that allow children to experiment, investigate, and work together with others.

By using play and interactive activities, Club Xcite offers the child an opportunity to learn to deal with the current struggles they are facing in a safe environment. Playful and creative exercises help stimulate the neurons at the synapse level to strengthen brain function!  During social skills group, children will learn to express their emotions and navigate their impulsiveness. They will learn to regulate their behavior and emotions as called for by the rules of the social setting.

Golden Rules of teaching Social Skills by Dr. Lynne Namka

  • Identify the skill that needs to be learned.
  • Introduce the skill through discussion and modeling of the desired response.
  • Give the rule and alternatives to the rule.
  • Cue the child what to say and do regarding the new skill.
  • Have the child cue himself through self talk.
  • Provide practice of the skill through modeling, games, and role playing.
  • Reinforce the new skill during practice.
  • Teach the child to reinforce himself using self talk for using the skill. (Feel good about using the skill!)
  • Provide opportunities for generalization and reinforcement of the skill in daily play.


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