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Thanks for checking out our programs and services in Coronado. We serve families with a wide range of needs in Coronado, from tutoring services to services for kids and teens with learning disabilities. Please browse through our website and give us a call and one of our helpful staff can listen to your needs and help you find a program that will address them.

Private Tutoring and Learning Disabilities Services for families in Coronado

Several one on one tutoring programs and other academic services for kids and teens with learning disabilities are available in Coronado.

At-Home Private Tutoring

Private Tutoring Services in CoronadoClubXcite offers at-home one-on-one tutoring for students in Coronado. Our tutors understand how to motivate students and help them get caught up in their classes in a fun and encouraging way. Our private tutors are unique in that they don’t just focus on the specific subjects, but also on study habits, organization, and general problem solving strategies that apply across all subjects. Please read more about our private tutoring program and give us a call to discuss what areas your child needs help in academically.

ADHD & Other Learning Disabilities Services in Coronado

Many of the children that we work with in Coronado have learning disabilities including ADD and ADHD or other special needs. For kids and teens in Coronado areas with learning disabilities, ClubXcite offers several programs to help these kids succeed and gain valuable life and study skills.

For more information visit our pages on:

Learning Disabilities Tutors

Learning Disabilities Specialists

Social and Behavioral Solutions

Tutoring Subjects
  • Math Tutoring
  • English Tutoring
  • Science Tutoring (including high school biology and chemistry)
  • Math Tutoring (Geometry, Trigonometry, Albegra, pre-calculus, calculus)
  • Physics Tutoring
  • Geography Tutoring
  • Geology Tutoring
  • English Reading and Writing Tutoring
  • SAT, ACT, GED Tutoring
  • ESL Tutoring
  • French Tutoring
  • Spanish Tutoring
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