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Welcome to our home for our programs and services in Poway! ClubXcite continues to build lasting relationships with many families in Poway and has helped kids, teens, and young adults empower themselves to overcome academic challenges in a fun, positive, and motivating way. We look forward to speaking with you about your child’s needs and finding a program that will support them in achievement.

Private Tutoring Services in Poway

Our tutors are not typical tutors that just come to your home for an hour, teach lesson plans, and then leave your kids feeling just as bored, disengaged, and disinterested as they were in the classroom. We take a different approach that you may not find with any other tutoring company. Our tutors are young and hip and know how to engage kids and teens and make the learning experience fun. Kids want to be with their tutor because they see them as big brothers and sisters as well as mentors. We find that with positive encouragement and engagement, students are more likely to be motivated to excel academically. Many of our students have found our tutors to be a breath of fresh air that allows them to excel and empower themselves to be lifelong learners.

More Details on our Private Tutoring Program

  • Tutoring subjects: Math, English, Science, Geography, Physics, SAT, ACT, and all other subjects from elementary school through high school/college prep.
  • All at-home, private one on one tutoring

Programs and Services for Kids with ADD/ADHD & Other Learning Disabilities in Poway

Children with learning disabilities face unique challenges in school, with friends, and in home life as some of you parents might know. Negative feedback from teachers and seeing other kids have an easier time can hurt a kid’s self esteem and lead to acting out negatively and other social or behavioral challenges. Our tutors and mentors for kids with learning disabilities provide a boost in confidence and opportunities for success to stop the downward spiral and empower them to grow and achieve with their best foot forward.

Learning Disabilities Tutoring in Poway

Many of the kids and teens that we work with in Poway struggle with ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, emotional difficulties, and other diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities and we have a special tutoring program to support and overcome academic challenges. Not only are our tutors experts in their subject, but they teach valuable skills for succeeding in school even with a learning disability.

Learning Disabilities Specialist for Poway Families

ClubXcite learning disabilities specialists support overcoming the many challenges that kids with learning disabilities, ranging from diagnosis and assessments, Direct Tutoring to IEP Advocacy. Read more about our how our learning disabilities specialists can help you.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our helpful staff who can help you: (858) 779-9674.


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