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Stefan Hochfilzer

Stefan Hochfilzer – Founder ClubXcite

As the founder of Club Xcite, and co-founder of Xcite Steps, Stefan Hochfilzer’s passion stems from believing that all children have the opportunities to achieve personal growth, happiness and success. Stefan has set out on his mission by creating companies that offer high quality, innovative services for schools & families who seek personalized academic, social, emotional & behavioral solutions. Inspiring and motivated, Stefan has set high standards and continues on his purpose, to help others.

Stefan’s passion for working with children stems from an empathy for the kids he serves. As a child challenged with a stutter, he, like so many of the children his program assists, had to overcome his struggles . Youthful role modeling and confidence building through sports was as much the antidote to his stutter as professional speech therapy. He emerged with a maturity that only children who have encountered difficulties can know, and surmounting these challenges paved the way for the future advent of Club Xcite and Xcite Steps.

The result was a young man eager to employ his own mentoring approach in the community. At fifteen, Stefan began teaching tennis, apprenticing under his former coach before setting off on his own. As so many of his clients know, his excitement is infectious and he quickly garnered a stable of clients seeking to enroll their children under him. Just as it had for him, tennis served as a catalyst for Stefan to discover who the children were and who they wanted to become. His youth enabled him to form a fraternal connection that thrives both Xcite programs today.

On the strength of his previous success, Stefan launched his first company in 2002, the Inspired Learning Institute, LLC. This program endorsed the coupling of sports instruction and comprehensive mentoring and offered an assortment of athletic opportunities. Shortly thereafter Stefan entered the Hass School of Business at the University of California at Berkeley and the Inspired Learning Institute would serve as the antecedent of what would become Club Xcite. Upon graduating from Berkeley he entered the corporate world for a year, then a real estate certificate program, and finally returned to his first passion, working with children. Club Xcite was founded in 2004 with the vision to provide a balanced one-on-one mentoring service to families. Today, the program has evolved into offering our suite of educational and developmental programs designed to stimulate the whole student to grow & thrive. All our services have a common evidenced-base, healthy, creative, & playful approach. Stefan’s own experiences have taught him that schools lack the resources and the ability to innovate in a way that is necessary to reach every child. Club Xcite, conversely, is fortunate in its ability to customize services to each child’s strengths and weaknesses.

Piggy backing on the success of Club Xcite!, Stefan has founded Xcite Steps in 2005, dedicated to serving children with autism and other cognitive or developmental disabilities. This program’s growth and strength have been equal to its sister’s and he continues to find new ways to innovate and improve children’s opportunities.

Since the inception of both programs Stefan remains a driving force behind his program’s success. Intimately involved with every detail, he continues to treat each new client as his first and his persistent enthusiasm for what he does makes everyone around him excited to participate in the program.

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