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Our Approach

Every Child Does Their Best

Children may struggle socially, academically, or as the result of emotional, behavioral, or physical challenges. For some, it is a normal part of growing up, but for many others these challenges can become a frustrating pattern. Does it sometimes seem like your child is losing confidence? At times, maybe your child’s challenging behavior has been seen as attention seeking, unmotivated, testing limits, manipulative, or even coercive. If so we would like to offer a chance to see your child in a brand new light!

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At Club Xcite, we believe that children want to succeed, and they do well when they can. Every child is unique in their abilities, but sometimes to a child being different is hard. Past failure and frustration can lead a child to believe that it is better not to try than to try and to fail, particularly when they struggle to live up to the high expectations of school and parents, or to the standards set by gifted peers or older siblings. This pattern of self-limiting beliefs is the first thing to go. We recognize every student is an individual and we avoid placing blame on any student or parent.

Club Xcite’s goal is to empower students and parents to solve these problems naturally. Each of our services is intended as a building block of an individualized plan created according your child’s needs.
Our trained staff will guide your child to discovering his or her strengths and innate ability to overcome challenges and learn how to thrive.

More than 50 years of behavioral research has taught us a lot about the counterproductive and ineffective strategies implemented in school and at homes. Club Xcite’s definition of good parenting, good teaching, and good tutoring and coaching focuses on adapting skills to thrive using the capabilities we’ve been born with. Built into our services are social and emotional skill building and executive functioning support that provide students with a foundation for better academic performance, positive social behavior, and stronger peer relationships.lighbulb

The Future is Bright!

Through our programs, students will gain confidence in themselves as they face social, academic, and behavioral challenges in school, at home, and in the community. Self-motivation and emotional well-being will improve as our unique approach impacts students in the following critical areas:

  • Better academic performance: achievement scores an average of 11 percentile points higher than students who did not receive SEL instruction;
  • Improved attitudes and behaviors: greater motivation to learn, deeper commitment to school, increased time devoted to schoolwork, and better classroom behavior;
  • Fewer negative behaviors: decreased disruptive class behavior, noncompliance, aggression, delinquent acts, and disciplinary referrals;
  • Reduced emotional distress: fewer reports of student depression, anxiety, stress, and social withdrawal.

To increase academic success and reduce undesired behavior we will be working together with the expert: your child. We will collaborate to eliminate the root causes that have set bad habits in motion, and create a new set of skills which energize your child to create a healthy confidence in their unlimited ability to grow and shine!

It’s time to flick the switch and turn on the light together.

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